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Sailing Goleta Gringo back to Genoa

The main goal of this historic project


To achieve the historic voyage of Goleta Gringo, across the Atlantic Ocean, back to Genoa. Gringo has not returned to its home port for almost 100 years. This Atlantic crossing will be done under sail.


In addition, we will set a Guinness record for the oldest sailing ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Mapa recorrido de retorno.png

Project stages


The Goleta Gringo is currently in Brazil and, in a first stage, we will make a journey to Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean. There, maintenance work will be carried out prior to crossing the ocean.


The next stage will be from Trinidad and Tobago to the island of Antigua to participate there in the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. It is a well-known regatta in which only classic sailboats and tall ships participate. From Antigua we will set sail for Bermuda. And from this last island, the historic crossing of the Atlantic Ocean begins to the island of Azores.


The final stage will be from the Azores to Genoa, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

Want to be part of this historic adventure?




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