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Technical Details

Length overall: 120.407 ft (36.7m)
Length on deck: 97.8ft (29.8m)
Beam: 26.25ft (8m)
Draught: 9.8ft
Displacement: 98tn
Year built: 1886; restored since 1992
Engine: SCANIA DSI 14, 500HP
Generators: 65kva FIAT CONCORDE & 15kva KUBOTA
Water tanks: 10tn
Fuel: 5tn

Sail area: 1378ft (420m) (2 gaff sails and three jibs)

Booms: built in Spruce (Picea abies)

Deck: built in Eucaliptus camaldulensis

Power: 220V, 380V, 12V, 24V

HVAC central heater: Sanyo compressor, Goodman evaporator
Crew: Captain + 8
Accomodations: 20 guests. Six double and two quad cabbins, all with private head and shower room 
Dining-room for 25 people, living-room, bar area, toilet, laundry,
Fully equipped

Description of the accomodations


Goleta Gringo was built and restored to sail and, still, special attention was paid to decoration when she was restored. Security is combined with elegant, antique d'ecor in this sailboat. She is exquisitely conceived and crafted. She has beeb restored as the antique schooner she used to be, preserving her original rig and refitted as a confortable contemporary one.

All pure material and solid wood were used -no wood veneer or simulated materials were incorporated.

Originally, much of the sailboat's space was taken up by the cargo hold and today it is occupied by the below deck accomodations.


The Deck

A sitting-area is located aft on the deck, resembling a small backyard, with wooden tables and benches. The ceiling has been recently incorporated and it was built in lapacho (Tabebuia) wood.

The wheelhouse is aft and follows the same style of the entire sailboat. It is both functional and beautiful. It has a large ebony wheel and a navigation station and an electrical panel as well.

Expedicao_Abrolhos (212).jpg

On Deck - Interiors

From the deck, you enter the living-room, passing through a small self-draining wet area.To sarboard, the wet-room has a locker for foul weather gear and a place to leave shoes before entering the boat. Aport, there is the common restroom, built in solid wood, with a solid marmelero (Ruprechtia laxiflora) counter, a stainless-steel tab and basin and an electric head.

Expedicao_Abrolhos (47).jpg

The living-room is classic and elegant. The eco-leather couches add a touch of style, just as the solid viraro (Ruprechtia salicifolia) wood for the walls and furniture. The qiebracho blanco (Aspidospermia) parquet floor gives the antique look and the bronze lamps and led spotlights lighten this room.

The couches face the large salamander crowned by a grantie structure, resembling a fire place that heats this living-room during winter. On the sides, there are wooden cabinets and book shelves as well as the TV set and the Home Theatre.

The windows are built in safety glass and have antique bronze openings. In the ceiling, there is a large opening glass sky-light, adding a lot of natural light to this elegant space.

Bronze hand-holds and wooden shelves separate this common are from the bar.

Expedicao_Abrolhos (37).jpg

The bar has an electrical beer keg and wine racks. The built-in bar is made of cedar (Cedrus) wood and it is continued by a granite counter containing a stainless-steel basin and tap. There is also a back bar, extra cabinets and a freezer hidden from the bar.

An elegant hand-crafted staircase, made of quebracho blanco (Aspidosperma) parquet, leads to the below deck accomodations.

Below Deck - Interiors

To the bow of the sailboat, the central hallway leads to the guests cabins and shower-room. to the stern, there are the dining-room, the kitchen and the engine room. Besides, there is a provate area (also to the stern) that includes a laundry-room and the captain's master cabin.

In the hallway -and completely covered by the walls- is placed teh HVAC central heating unit.

Expedicao_Abrolhos (50)_edited.jpg

The cabins

camas cuadro.JPG
cam puer.JPG

The cabins are painted on white (top) and light green (below) following the same patterns as the central corridor. The floor has been recently restored and replaced by parquet floor (Mara boliviana wood). All cabins are spacious, with a wooden closet (tall enough for dresses and coats), and guests can remain in privacy, reading or resting in a comfy room.

Each cabin has its own private head that consist of an electric toilet, a bidematic, a fiber glass sink with a stainless steel tap, mirror and shelves for stowage of personal care belongings. They have a rubber floor instead of wood.

entrane to the shower room.JPG

There is a separate shower-room for guests with electric showers and a smanll counter to leave towels and clothes and two ample mirrors.


The dining is an ample room and it has 3 large, rectangular cedar tables. This room also provides a wide stowage are in its built -in cabinets and drawers below the benches, besides a large wine rack.

Antique lamps lighten this charing room. The Mara boliviana parquet floor also adds a warm look to this area.

The kichten

The kitchen follows the dining-room

It is fully equipped, with a granite counter, a deep stainless steel bsin, built-in cabinets and drawers for food and cutlery stowage and a pass-through to the dining-room.

There is a wooden folding table for kneading. The stove and oven are located in the center of the kitchen, facing one side to the commercial refrigerator and the bins for fruit and vegetable stowage. The gas tanks are stowed on deck. The kitchen is easy cleaning and it has a rubber floor.

Expedicao_Abrolhos (1473).jpg
Expedicao_Abrolhos (974).jpg

The Engine Room


Aft the kitchen there is the sailboat's engine, the 15kva generator, a fule tank and a full complete workshop with air, compressor, tools. working table, etc. and all the necessary stuff to fix and repair anything on the way. It is well organized and fully equipped with all types of tools.

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-13 at 17.47.17.jpeg

Crew's area

This is a private area, exclusive for the stable crew members. 

The laundry -room is located here. There are a large washing machine, a small basin, an electrical, water-pump, a wide closet for the bedding and the two large Ariston water heaters. These two heaters provide water to the kitchen tap and to the master cabin's bathroom. The water purification machine for drinkable water is place within here too.

The main electrical panel is also located in this area and it is composed of the latest electronic devices and equipment: stationary gel batteries, 3000 watt inverter, battery charger, etc.

Captain's cabin

The master cabin - the Captain's room- is located aft, extending the full beam of the sailboat.

This large and comfortable suite is also built in Quebracho blanco and cedar wood (part of the wood in this cabin was part of the recovered during restoration). It is lightened by classic bronze lamps and the brass portholes lighten the cabin from the outside.

This room has a navigation table and a bench, built-in closets and drawers of cedar wood.

The queen size bed has book shelves placed on one side. This room also contains its own bar and refrigerator for private use of the captain and his crew.


This cabin has bathroom is full and has a pewter sink with a bronze tap, a wooden counter, shelves and two large cabinets -all built in cedar wood and ceramic-, an electrical toilet with a bidematic, a ceramic bath tub and a rubber floor.

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