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REFENO is the international race from Recife to Fernando de Noronha. It is the most important oceanic regatta of Latin America. It takes place in the north of Brazil and, every year, it gathers between 80 and 100 boats from different Brazilian states and other countries. In 2022, Uruguay was represented by LOBA cat, Spain by ALIENA sv and our country by our GOLETA GRINGO.

In the end of September, the sailboats depart from the Marco Zero in Recife and sail more than 300nm to Mirante Boldro in Fernando de Noronha

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Goleta Gringo is the oldest sailboat that has ever participated in REFENO  - the most important oceanic race of Latin America

REFENO instagram -  click for more information

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Besides them, our crew was formed by Diego Ruaben (sails, steer and engine-romm), Ivan Rubel (Physician) and Carola Hoisel (illustrator, sailor and working at the kitchen together with Barbara).

So many thanks to all of them!

At Noronha, the crew was welcome by part of their family.

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The Crew


Goleta Gringo was led to Noronha by an amazing crew that made the dream possible.

Thiago M. Quartiero and his family and friends Victor Quartiero, Felipe Augusto Hoffmann Consoli, Victor Agune Peloso, Eduardo Foz de Macedo, Fernando Foz de Macedo, Rodrigo Affonseca Bressan, joined us during three days and they shared these more than 300nm in oceanic waters, in an incredible journey. In their first experience traveling aboard a tallship, they learnt and raised and lowered the sails every time it was needed. Nights awaken enjoying starry skies, early mornings up to watch sun rises on the horizon, making company to those who were steering the boat. Having fun on deck. They celebrated our arrival in Noronha aboard the oldest sailboat that has ever reached the arquipelago.

Besides being thankful to this extraordinary bunch of friend for choosing us as their sailboat to arrive in Noronha, we also want to make a special reference to the Brazilian Navy (Marinha do Brasil).

For their all time support along the journey from Recife to Noronha, we are thankful to Capitão de Corveta Romano - Comandante do Navio Patrulha Macau- and Capitão Tenente Fabrício Rocha - Comandante do Navio Patrulha Grauna. We sailed the more than 300nm accompanied by these two captains and their crew. We are respectful for their labor at the Brazilian Navy's patrol and we are glad of having the chance to meet them too!

Finally, we thank Sub Rodrigues, officicers Uziel and Fontes for their respect and kindness during the boat's inspection previos to the race in Recife. 

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